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Carbon Black Auto has over the years become one of the go-to-dealersships for high-end and luxury vehicles. This due to the strong relationship Carbon Black Auto has with this market, but also because we have always ensured that we employ the very best staff member.

Our team is no doubt the best in the market and have shown the most amazing loyalty to our showroom. You can get more info on our amazing team below…

[section_team carousel=”owl-carousel enable-owl-carousel”][section_team_member image=”18086″ name=”Devan Andrews” position=”Sole Owner & Founder” skill=”100″]My Love for cars started at a very young age with three posters of cars on my bedroom wall all through my childhood years.The passion was real! The Lamborghini Countach, the Ferrari Testarossa and the Porsche 930 Turbo were the three cars I stared at, for hours on end.
More about Devan Andrews[/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18084″ name=”Loshni Naidoo” position=”Accounts & Admin” skill=”100″]I have a great passion for Accounting and Administration, paying attention to detail and accuracy. I have been with CBA for the past 3 years. With 2 Decades in this field, I ensure Carbon Black Auto crosses their T’s and dots their I’s.

At CBA we love what we do and we have many smart, purposeful people that will ensure you drive away with the vehicle of your dreams.[/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18344″ name=”James Makhanya” position=”Media” skill=”100″]I have been a driver for the past 20 years. I Started with Carbon Black Auto in August 2012. I am dedicated to my work and strive to give my best at all times. I’m a hard worker who is eager to learn every day.[/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18090″ name=”Trigga Mayson” position=”Media” skill=”100″]My name is Trigga. I graduated in Melbourne Australia where i studied Film & Television Production and have been in the Auto Industry for 4 years doing media work. I am passionate about cars and team work and strongly believe with hard work and determination only the sky is the limit.[/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18088″ name=”Given Skosana” position=”Driver” skill=”100″]After an amazing 20 years as a driver, I joined Carbon Black Auto in 2014. It’s been a tremendous joy to be part of the CBA team for the past 5 years. We are truly a family here at CBA and it shows. If you happy at work, the client picks up on it.[/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18260″ name=”Valerie Mtenga” position=”Vehicle Prep” skill=”100″]I have been part of the family for about 3 years, after joining Carbon Black Auto in 2015. It’s been an exciting journey and I am loving life at the moment. I am cool, calm and collected, very kind and friendly. I’m Dedicated and always ensure that everything is on point.[/section_team_member][/section_team]

[section_team carousel=”owl-carousel enable-owl-carousel”][section_team_member image=”18089″ name=”Garreth Hatting” position=”Senior Sales Manager” skill=”100″]Having qualified at FIBS business school as a Finance and Insurance manager I’ve been in the motor industry since 2011 and I’m now proud to be Sales Manager at such an incredible company. I say industry leading service and world-class exclusivity. You say Carbon Black Auto![/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18085″ name=”Reza Bowers” position=”Finance” skill=”100″]I am a qualified Finance and Insurance Manager with more that 20 years experience in the banking industry. I have worked at both Standard Bank and Wesbank and have obtained the necessary knowledge required to put together the best deal possible for our client’s needs. I have been with Carbon Black Auto for the last 5 years and helped facilitate over 2500 deals. I am always ready to assist if you need any info regarding financing your next vehicle.[/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18091″ name=”Lauren Andrews” position=”Sales Team” skill=”100″][/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18087″ name=”Dylan Moolman” position=”Sales Team” skill=”100″]My Passion for anything with an engine can be tracked back to my younger years. As a kid I was always greatly involved in motor-racing whether it be behind a steering wheel or in the pits. I have always enjoyed being able to work with people, I like getting people excited about the things that excite me. I am motivated person and always strive to do my best.[/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18256″ name=”Frank Barberini” position=”Vehicle Buyer” skill=”100″][/section_team_member][section_team_member image=”18259″ name=”Palesa Gaanakgomo” position=”Vehicle Prep” skill=”100″]I started working at Carbon Black in 2017 and have been with CBA since. I am a cheerful and happy person, always smiling. It’s only been 2 years, but I really feel part of the family, it’s what Carbon Black Auto is about.  I’m hard working and totally committed to my job.[/section_team_member][/section_team]